04 February 2011

Mmm... muffin.

The past couple of weeks have been a tease. We thought we were going to buy a house. We got further in the process than we ever have before, but the inspection report made us back out of the sale. Sad. Anyway, while we were in the midst of the tease, I was making an effort to deplete the contents of our shelves and freezer full of food in anticipation of eventually moving. I thought about making banana muffins since we had about six bananas frozen in the freezer and clearly frozen bananas will not travel on move day.

By Tuesday we knew the house wasn't going to happen, but I still had banana muffins on the brain. My mother-in-law celebrated a big birthday last week so I decided to bake some muffins for her. A couple for Jason, a couple for me, and the rest for her (she got one for every decade she was celebrating). Of course mine were full of chocolate chips while the others were plain. They wound up with a little more chocolate than I originally planned on, but I'm not sure there is such a thing as too much chocolate.

End result?

Slightly crispy tops and perfectly cooked insides.


I am of the mind that chocolate chips can make pretty much everything better but Jason does not agree. So answer me this: do you prefer chocolate chips in your baked goods or do you like 'em plain? Or with nuts, perhaps?


  1. When it comes to muffins I'm all about blueberrys! Cannot be beaten ever! I love blueberry jam too. But the chocolate chip ones you made look delish! xx

  2. I dislike nuts in any kind of baked goods. I can do chocolate chips though! My next muffin is going to be peanut butter choco chip :)