03 February 2010

Winter Snows

This morning, inspiration struck when we woke up to this:

Winter Snows 1

In fact, we fell asleep to it too. The world covered in white. It's so beautiful, so elegant.

I'm one of the odd ones – instead of loving spring and summer, I love fall and winter. It would be really hard to pick one over the other but I think part of the appeal of fall is its build up to winter. The last quarter of the year is my favorite – the months of October, November, and December. January isn't my favorite, but this January has been pretty amazing because we’ve had snow. Glorious, blissful snow.

I absolutely love the winter. It's so romantic. I love the cold, I love being able to see my breath, I love rosy checks, crackling fireplaces, and cuddling under blankets. I love the quiet of winter that doesn't exist in the summertime. I love drinking hot tea, eating hot soups, and baking. My love for winter deepens in the snow. I still get excited about snow. I figure if, after spending four winters in Ithaca, NY I still love it, I'll probably love it forever. I love the sound it makes beneath boots, I love the way it dampens all other sound. I have a love for black and white photography and often wonder what the world would look like in black and white. When it snows, I get a glimpse into that world.

After our last blog post (RIP wordpress blog), on December 19th, we got the biggest snowstorm D.C. has ever had in the month of December.

Winter Snows 2

I wound up getting snowed out rather than in – at a friend's house while dog-sitting. I was pretty bummed out about it, but after a call from my dear mother-in-law, I cheered up a little bit and tried to see the bright side of the situation. I realized, even though I wasn't home with Jason and Rufus, I was in good company – with a pretty doggie named Foxy, a giant Christmas tree, a stash of delicious teas, and a password for Netflix online! I documented the snow as best I could without my camera (hooray Photobooth) for my friends – this was their first huge snow at their new house and I didn't want them to miss it!

Winter Snows 3

And I had Jason document the snow at our place – Rufus couldn't even see over the snow! He loved it though and jumped through it even when he didn't have to.

This past weekend, we got some more snow and it's funny – I got snowed out again! This time in the company of my little brother at my parent's house. I was in much higher spirits this time. It wasn't even a day away from home, and it was at my childhood home. Not to mention, I love my little brother like crazy and it was fun to hang out with him. And... it wasn't that much snow. I don't even think it could be considered snowed in. It was safe to drive the next day and took me less time to clear the snow off of the cars and shovel the house's walkway and sidewalk than it took me to dig my car out in the December storm.

This morning, the snow was gorgeous. It filled the trees and even blew up the trunks of some of them. I had to bring the camera along for my morning walk with Rufus.

Winter Snows 4

We've been issued a warning: we may be getting another huge "snowpocalypse" - one the size of the storm in December. The best part is this time I'll be snowed in with Jason and Rufus.

Winter Snows 5


  1. MORE POSTS PLEASE! I am FASCINATED by your life in Del Ray.

  2. You are obsessed with your dog.