06 February 2010

Snow & Subarus: Dog Tested. Dog Approved.

Our car is still pretty new to us and it's the biggest purchase I've ever made (other than, you know, four years of private college). And Rufus is the most rewarding purchase I've ever made. (Who says you can't buy/choose your family?) So when I got an email that coupled the two together, I got excited. Subaru a new "Dog Tested. Dog Approved." ad campaign that features dogs in Subarus. The videos aren't anything ground-breaking or fantastic, but they made me smile none-the-less. I like to think Rufus enjoys our Subaru! Speaking of our 'ru, here it is in the snow.

2 Dog Tested. Dog Approved.

That was around 9:30 this morning and the snow is still coming down like crazy! We're all loving it! I'll definitely post more pictures once the storm has passed us by. Until then, we'll be enjoying being snowed in while watching movies and eating homemade chili, corn muffins, and all of the other delicious treats we stocked up on for the storm!

1 Dog Tested. Dog Approved.

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