28 November 2009

Our First Married Thanksgiving

We had a lovely Thanksgiving at the Bell's house this year. It was my first Thanksgiving away from my parents and my first with my new family! We made some pumpkin soup the night before to share with the Bells and Rufus reaped the benefits. Doggie-ball loves his pumpkin.


He loves pumpkin so much he danced for it. Literally. It was so funny to watch him that we had to shoot a video of it. He could be a circus dog!

On Thanksgiving day, Jason and I went for our annual Turkey Trot. Usually this is an outing for my family but this time it was just me and Jason so we decided to bring Rufus along too! Here are my main men as the race began.


We enjoyed our trot although it was a little sad without our family walking with us! It was super foggy but the weather was nice and the rain held out until we were done. Here we are after the trot. Our first family (non-wedding) photo!


It was a really great first Thanksgiving as a married couple - we have so much to be thankful for!!!

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