11 November 2009

Favorite Wedding Moments

Writing this entry is a little intimidating because I feel like I can't quite capture the awesomeness that was our wedding day. It was amazing. Absolutely amazing. The love that surrounded us was like nothing I've ever experienced before.

Some of my favorite moments were the most unexpected moments that were full of such emotion and love:

Waking up in the dark before the sun came up and walking out of my hotel room to see Allison and my dad had just left their room and were coming down the hall toward me. My parents, the ones that have supported me all my life, they were right there the second I began my day to support me again. The closeness I felt to my parents that whole weekend and since then has been incredible and I couldn't be more thankful for it.

Allison putting my earrings in my ears to relive memories of her wedding. Reading the note that Jason wrote to me to read before the ceremony. Knowing that he was reading mine and learning of my last gift to him before marriage - that I had decided to take his last name. The stories and jokes that my bridesmaids and parents told me to calm my nerves right before the ceremony. Laughing while walking down the aisle with my parents. Seeing Jason waiting at the end of the aisle, beaming. Freezing during the ceremony but feeling warmth from holding Jason's hands - enough warmth to keep me from shivering. Listening to Mr. Paul speak and seeing only Jason. The wall my uncle, dad, and grandpa made around me and Jason as we lit the unity candle so that the wind would be less of an issue. My dad's toast. The Corays gathering around me to sing "K-K-K-Kaity" - a song they sang to me while growing up. The bottom of my dress at the end of the day - brown and ripped - the only way it should have been. Anything other than that and I wouldn't have felt I lived the day to the fullest.

Seeing everyone out and being the absolute last ones to leave the venue after the wedding. Getting in the car and hearing the quiet of just the two of us together, alone. Recalling the day, our wedding day, in awe. Watching the sunset together as we drove away to the bed and breakfast we stayed at that night.

Laughing and smiling instead of crying the entire day.

Thank you to all of our friends and family. The love and support that surrounded us made our day so special to us. It means the world to us.

P.S. Jason and I (well, let's be serious, mostly me) will continue to write in this blog. I'm not letting it die now that the wedding is over! Next up: a honeymoon entry!

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