20 July 2009

"Because... you know... we're getting married."

Recently it came to our attention that we should be looking for wedding bands because... you know... we're getting married. Well, we were lucky enough to do some one-stop shopping this weekend and we now have wedding bands in the making! And we even stuck to our (very) low budget that I made for them! Woo hoo! And, because we find it funny, it also needs to be said that Jason was the high maintenance one (and his ring cost 4x as much as mine). When he explained what he wanted, he had three rings to do it - he wanted the width of one, the milgrain (miligrain?) of another, and the finish of yet another. I found what I wanted and said, "I want this EXACT ring. Same size, same everything."

We also looked at tuxes. The vest colors kind of matched the bridesmaids dresses... I say kind of but they really didn't match at all. Can we say color clash? I'm not quite sure what we're going to do about that. So we're not done with tuxes yet. Here's my scruffy groom modeling the not-so-matching vest and dress:


We also hit up an Ikea sale this weekend to get real wood living room furniture for half price. We're replacing nearly everything we have to get matching and better quality stuff. We're in the process of selling our old stuff on craigslist which is great because we'll have less to move in August! We wound up getting 3 of the 6 things we wanted (a TV stand and two small bookcase to go next to it) because people had rushed and bought things before us. But then the strangest thing happened... while I sat there moping about how we shouldn't have eaten free breakfast before we shopped, people started returning the pieces they had just bought. So we wound up getting the desk and the bigger bookcase we wanted as well! People are crazy. Absolutely crazy. I don't get it. The only thing we didn't walk away with that we wanted was a china-like cabinet - which we'll eventually buy anyway (at full price - boo-hiss) because my aunt is giving me my grandmother's beautiful china when we get married. Next to re-do: our bedroom furniture. But that will wait until after we're married.

I also got my first fitting for my dress last weekend and will have my second fitting in 2 weeks!

Did I mention we're under the 100 day mark now? 97 days and counting!

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