28 July 2009

Mr. Paul

Mr. Paul is the man that will be marrying us!

Here is a picture of him that I took from my dad's Facebook. Mr. Paul is on the far left, with my dad and a couple of other neighborhood guys - Mr. Foley and Mr. Burman.


Mr. Paul is a dear family friend and is part of one of the families that I considered my second family as a kid growing up. I have a lot of memories of him growing up. One of the coolest memories I have of him is that he was the first person I told after I found out that Allison and my dad were pregnant with Jakob. I was soooo excited to tell everyone that I was going to be a sister, and he's the first person I told. And I still remember that he guessed what was going on before we even told him (we all walked up and said, "guess what?" and he said, "you're pregnant!") and he was SO thrilled about it. Then, before Jake was born, he banded with me and agreed that if the baby was a boy he should be named Zachary. We made a pact that we would call the baby Zeke no matter what. That lasted for about a month... but it still meant a lot to me when I was 13 that he stuck with me!

He's also the guy that got me into hockey and the Caps. He took me and his daughter, Kelsey, out to a practice one time and I was instantly hooked. After that, he often drove Kelsey and I to the rink so that we could watch games together with his season tickets. If it wasn't for him I probably never would have learned about hockey and how awesome it is!

So fast forward to Memorial Day of this year. He asked me how the wedding planning was going and I told him pretty much everything was planned but that we still had a major hole: someone to marry us. I told him of our dilemma: we want someone we know to marry us. Our first idea was Jason's sister-in-law, Emily, and she was really flattered about it... but then we realized that if both Matt (Jason's brother and best man) and Emily were in the wedding, their daughter Esme who (will only be a year old at the time of the wedding) wouldn't have her mommy or daddy around during the ceremony and that might cause issues. Well, we certainly didn't want an unhappy little niece. So I explained to Mr. Paul that we were stuck. He jabbed me in the arm and said, "Well, I'll marry you!!!" Now, I think he was half-joking... but I as soon as he said it I said, "OKAY!"

So there you have it! Mr. Paul is marrying us! And we're both THRILLED!!!!!!

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