10 February 2009

Mooovin' Along

It's time for a new update! Except… we don’t really have any updates!

For a while I was really set on finding invitations. I found one I loved and then learned that I couldn’t change the wording on it… and I really don’t like the wording. So I dropped that for a while. Then I was set on finding bridesmaids dresses because the girls are excited about them and want them picked out, but the orange color that is in style now is not flattering and I want to please them all… and it was stressing me out. NOW, I am finally set on getting more important things done. Allison has set me in the right direction. I am now looking to book all of the vendors so that I find people I like before they are booked up. Everything else can wait. Invitations and dresses will still be around while good vendors will get booked up if I put things off. I need to look into photographers, florists, musicians, and someone to marry us. I need to visit Frederick again and find a nice hotel to block rooms off in before they get all booked up for the fall season (which is really popular and beautiful in Frederick – they have a festival and everything).

We're getting closer to finding our photographer, I think. I found someone I really like that is reasonably priced (still outside of our budget but I'm willing to pay more in this one instance) but he is in Washington. State. I feel like this causes minor inconveniences but he has said he would fly in on Friday so that we can use Saturday as a buffer should anything go wrong. Allison is talking me through this and helping me decide whether using him is a good idea or not. I have found other people in the area that I like, but they are more expensive for less inclusive deals. So frustrating! I am extremely picky about the photographer. Good photography is a love of mine – I decorate my living space with photographs I've loved and bought. I like the photo-journalistic look and I will not settle for someone with sub-par editing skills. I have visited so many sites with awful edits, boring straight-on angles, dull colors, bad light quality. To someone who isn't big into photography they probably look decent. To me, they look awful. I have high standards.

People have begun to ask us where we are planning to go for our honeymoon. We originally wanted to go to Alaska, but it's pretty dark there in October so we would have had to wait to take that trip. We were fine with waiting, but the idea of relaxing and enjoying each others company right after the wedding has won us over. And yet, I am so overwhelmed with the wedding planning that the last thing I want to do is plan a trip! So, we recently decided that Jason will plan the whole thing AND it will be a complete surprise for me! He wanted a little bit of guidance so I told him, "I'm happy to go somewhere tropical and sit on a beach and do nothing but drink pina coladas," and I also don't want to have to travel for a long time, so we're probably going to the Caribbean or Virgin Islands. Beyond that I am clueless and I plan to stay that way. I know some people think I'm crazy to put something so big into his hands (I've gotten pretty surprised looks and responses) but I trust him. We initially planned our New Zealand trip together and then he finished it when I had to leave for Australia. He did a great job – it was an amazing trip. I have total faith in him. I know he'll do an awesome job and I'm really excited about it – I love surprises and I think it's really romantic!

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