21 May 2011

Belated Birthday

Jason had a birthday last week! We celebrated in style back in April when we spent a day at the Baltimore Harbor.  I had him take a day off of work and he had no idea what was in store. After sleeping in and getting brunch at Bob and Edith's, we hit the road to Baltimore!

First stop: The National Aquarium! When Jason figured out that our destination was Baltimore he had to think for a while as to where we might be going. Once he figured it out he got excited and said it brought him back to childhood. Neither of us had been since we were in school. The whole time we were there I didn't even need info signs because I had him around. His knowledge of sea life is extensive.

Second stop: Fogo de Chao, a Brazilian steakhouse that is now likely our favorite restaurant ever. I made up for lost time not eating red meat, I'll tell ya that much! We also enjoyed caipirinhas, Jason's favorite drink which he has a hard time getting other places to make for lack of know-how. They also brought him a flan on the house!

And last, the grand finale, a Guster show. Before we left, I gave him the hint that I was taking him to something that I've always wanted to take him to. I kept the secret up until we got into the venue and he finally guessed, not because he saw signs, but because he just figured it out. Not too long before we started dating, I lucked out with some free tickets to see Rufus Wainwright, Guster, and Ben Folds (yes, I know, amazing show) and asked Jason if he wanted to go with me because I knew he liked Guster. He wasn't able to go with me, but ever since I told him he had to see them live because they were fantastic.

He loved the show, and the day. 

Happy Birthday, Husband!


  1. I had tickets to Guster a few months back but wasn't able to go - hopefully I can catch them this summer at the DMB Caravan!

    Glad he had a good birthday!

  2. @Every Little Thing - I hope you're able to see them too! They're great live. We're actually seeing them again in August with Jack's Mannequin. Someday I'll actually see DMB too :)

  3. Hey lady, I love all of your pictures from the aquarium. You're so talented and such a good wifey! That sounds like the best day ever. :) Miss you guys!!! FOR REAL!!! DOG DATES!!!


  4. Christine, we definitely need to hang out! We miss you guys too!!!

  5. Amazing pictures! And you two look so cute together! Glad he had a special time! xx