29 January 2011

Snowy Thunder

After being passed by multiple times, we finally got our snowstorm! It started in the middle of the day causing traffic to back up like crazy. It took Jason two and a half hours to get home on the bus and he only rides it for a few miles! Crazy. Throughout the night, I was glued to Twitter following the local updates. It was a thundersnow storm so we got some lightening and even got three huge blasts of green light that lit everything up like day from a transformer exploding.

The next morning, I had a two hour delay and Jason worked from home so we were able to have a little fun in the snow.

After our walk, I went to Target, which was deserted, to get some milk, bread, and eggs for a nice breakfast before work. Jason also cooked up some sausage. Yum! It was a great way to start the day.

Of course the schools were closed so the kiddies stayed busy in our courtyard. Get a load of the size of this snowman! That's your average baseball cap on his head!

If this is the only storm we get, we'll be happy. But of course we would always enjoy another!
Anyone else love snow as much as we do?

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